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If graffiti is art, Valparaíso is an open museum

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To get to Chile through the border in front of Mendoza is a nightmare. Hours of waiting and you cannot bring along food and herbs and all sorts of things. So be prepared for a long trip and a lot of waiting. Dry food and nuts are allowed, just don’t put drugs in it, like they asked me! But obviously the answer was no, I didn’t put drugs in my nuts! Still he tested it by randomly breaking a few. Valparaíso is situated on the coast of Chile in the middle of this strangely long but thin country. It really is a special place, also known as little San Francisco amongst sailors. Valparaíso is one of the most important seaports in Chile and has over two hundred thousand inhabitants. Valparaíso was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. A must see is Casa Museo La Sebastiana, from which the view over the city is unusually wide and crazy beautiful. The house was named after the architect and owned and decorated by the famous poet Pablo Neruda. We loved this house and the collection of art and objects Neruda had. Another fun thing to do after visiting this museum, is walk down to the centre passing the open museum (it is just an area) with a lot of graffiti and other nice objects to watch. Afterwards have a nice meal at a small restaurant called el Pimenton in the street named Cumming. The houses in Valparaíso are small and colourful. Valparaíso is built on several hill sides so prepare to climb a little, or instead use one of the old and traditional elevators in town to go up and down. The city offers great nightlife, a lot of fine restaurants and cafés, so take advantage. The government of Chile doesn’t really believe in the whole summer-winter time concept, so they just choose to ignore it. So don’t live by Apple’s time registration! Otherwise you will end up being late in a neighbourhood that is not safe after dusk, like we did. We went to the oldest bar (1897) of Valparaíso, Liberty bar. It is traditionally a sailor’s bar but nowadays students like to drink a beer at the end of the day as well. A fun place where on Sunday, every single person in the bar was either too young to drink or drunk. Like a movie we watched how people gathered, drank and argued. It is a recommendable place, Valparaíso is different, historical and a lot of fun! Just go there..

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